Johnny Chan – World Series Of Poker 1988 – Main Event

Johnny_Chan World Series Of Poker

Until The Main Event of the World Series of Poker in 1988 Johnny Chan was not a well-known poker player like other super stars. This video from the 1988 World Series of Poker is The Hand that put Johnny Chan on the Map.

Besides making Johnny Chan famous, many American online poker players do not know that this hand is featured in the movie Rounder’s. Rounder’s came out in 1997 and starred Matt Damon, Edward Norton and John Malkovich.

Johnny Chan bets forty thousand dollars and his opponent Eric Seidel put in his forty thousand and raises American Professional poker player Johnny Chan fifty thousand dollars and The flop is Queen, eight, and ten.

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At this point (34 seconds into the video) notice Johnny Chan’s body language, he is a very strategic player. Johnny Chan takes his time to calculate in his head all of the possible combinations. After he makes his calculations, he puts in the fifty thousand dollars.

The player’s cards are revealed, Johnny Chan has a Jack of clubs and a nine of Clubs and Eric Seidel has a Queen and a nine. Now a two of spades comes out. At this point Johnny Chan had a straight on the flop while Eric Seidel had a pair of Queens (1.20 in the video)

Eric Seidel cannot win this hand at this point however he does not know it. The fifth card comes out and it is the six of Diamonds, which is no help. Johnny Chan keeps his composure and takes his time to pretend to calculate the odds. Eric Seidel takes the bait and goes ALL IN. Johnny Chan stands up as he goes all in. Eric Seidel realizes he has lost and it is written all over his face.

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