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American Chris Moneymaker

Chris Bryan Moneymaker is a World Series of Poker Champion, an account, and a poker player who took a big part in the big American poker boom. There is much speculation about Mr. Moneymaker’s skill; many people believe that it was pure luck that he beat Doyle Brunson at the World Series of Poker Main Event in 2003. It has been a decade and he has yet to beat his record. Chris Moneymaker was born in Atlanta Georgia in 1975. He came from a long line of American ancestors who made sliver and gold coins. His ancestors changed his last name to the American Moneymaker from the original German last name Nurmacher. Mr. Moneymaker has an accounting degree from the University of Texas and like many other professional poker players quit his day jot to play poker. Since then he has married and has a daughter who was born prior to the 2003 American World Series of Poker Championship. Mr. Moneymaker is known for the King High bluff against American Professional poker player Sammy Farha who as the runner up in 2003. Many Americans consider this one of the best bluffs in the history of World Series of Poker. Unfortunately because Mr. Moneymaker has not continued his career in professional poker he is criticized in the online poker community. Mr. Moneymaker has not moved away from the American Poker world completely, he still acts as an Ambassador. However many American Poker fans believe he is the most over rated player ever. It is not the job of American Poker Directory to judge a persons poker skill, a professional poker player can enter a tournament, play poker and demonstrate their skill.

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