Victoria Coren Talks Poker

Victoria Coren

Victoria Coren Talks Poker

Professional Poker Player and Author Victoria Coren has a section of her blog that give poker advice. Many of American Poker Directories readers frequent her online Pokersite to get good advice online.

Victoria Coren’s audience is British and American, for both her poker career and career as an author. In an article she wrote about in The Guardian in September of 2005, Victoria’s first online poker tips is not to play like people do on television or online.

Do American Professional Poker Players seek fame?

This is a common mistake that most gamblers make, they watch the World series of poker on TV or Online and try to replicate they professionals moves without knowing why the professional made that move.

Victoria Coren then goes on to say that watch poker on TV or online has taught people lucrative habits, however some AMERICAN ONLINE POKER PLAYERS copy the pros move without knowing why which leads to failure.
Why Do Professional American Poker Players go all in?

Victoria Coren talks about how professional American Poker Players go all in with a bad hand. This is an exciting this to watch especially watching the body language.

The interesting tip that Victoria Coren gives is the reason why the Pros go all in which is not what you would expect to hear. She says that the pros go all in sometime with bad hands to get more screen time and a bigger and better audience.

The Difference of Tournament Poker And Home Poker Games

After she talks about the TV or Online time, she talks about the difference in poker tournaments and home games. When you watch the Professional American Poker Players if they go all in and loose they cannot buy more chips. This is not the case in home games; naturally you can buy more poker chips.

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