Victoria Coren Biography

Victoria Coren is more than a professional poker player; she is an author, and presenter. She is a writer for The Observer and The Guardian Newspapers and hosts two television shows.Mrs. Coren was raised in Criclewood and born in Hammersmith. Her entire family is entertainers; her mother is a humorist and journalist. Unlike the trend of most professional poker players, Victoria Coren graduated from St Johns College in Oxford.

Victoria Coren Playing Poker On Youtube

victoria coren professional poker player

Many online poker review sites say that she is a bit of a party animal as well. It is said that she has a tendency to stay up late, smoke cigarettes and drink. Mrs. Coren has other hobbies besides smoking and gambling, she loves gardening

Victoria Coren – Professional Poker Player

Mrs. Coren is an extraordinary person and professional poker player. She is one of the first women to win an event on the European Poker Town and won the televised professional tournament in London back in 2006 as well as a televised celebrity tournament in 2005.

Mrs. Coren frequents a casino in London, Victoria Casino. She favors playing Texas Holdem Poker. Mrs. Coren has become close with the Hendon Mob and likes to host poker games. Unlike most professional poker players many of the best online pokersites say that she donates her winnings frequently

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