Shaun Deeb Biography

Shaun Deeb Poker Player Biography

Born In Troy New York in 1986, Shaun Frank Deeb is a high stakes professional poker player. To friends and other poker players he is known as tedsfishfry. When Mr. Deeb was sixteen years old he began to play poker, enjoyed it, and became a very skilled poker player.

The online pokersites say that Mr. Deeb started to host twenty dollar rebuy tournaments with about twenty to thirty friends. Like many other poker players, Mr. Deeb is an educated man, he attended Bentley University, however decided to move forward with his career to play poker earlier than he anticipated.

Mr. Deeb frequents online poker rooms and is know to play ten to twenty online poker tournaments in one sitting. In 2007 Shaun Deeb went to Las Vegas Nevada for the first time. However at the age of twenty-four decided to announce his retirement from the online and offline poker but returned in 2010.Many online poker site reviews view Mr. Deeb as a very pro-active poker player in terms of constantly looking to improve his Texas Holdem Poker.

He plays a wide variety of versions of poker with the goal of improving his Texas hold ‘em game. Before 2007, he had never been to travel or lived in Las Vegas, Nevada. When Mr. Deeb with twenty-four years old he announced that he made the decision to retire from playing poker professionally. Since his announcement Mr. Deeb has begin to play poker again in 2010. Shaun Deeb finished in fifth place in The Card Player Internet Poker Player of the Year competition, the years he accomplished this were 2008 and 2009. He only retired for two months, and he was back to playing real money Texas Holdem Poker at live games at casinos and a greater variety of game types

Shaun Deeb currently has accomplished two World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) titles. In addition to his WSOOP titles, he has also came in seventeenth place in The World Series of Poker (WSOP) in the money finishes. For those that do not know what in the money finish is. In the money finish (ITM) is when a poker player finishes high enough in a poker tournament to win prize money.

Shaun Deeb’s is a Pocket Fives Triple Crown winner, in 2009 he the Monthly PLB title after posting victories in the Poker Stars one hundred dollar Sunday rebuy for over seventy thousand dollars, the Full Tilt one hundred dollar rebuy for over forty one thousand dollars, and many other tournaments.

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