Play Super Fun 21 Blackjack On Your Mobile Phone line Free

Along with Face Up 21 there are a plethora or variations of blackjack to play, one version played online and in land casinos is Super Fun 21. If you go to a Casino in Las Vegas or Atlantic City You will see many blackjack tables offering this variation. This same holds true online and on your mobile phone.

Play Super 21 Blackjack Free on US!

The rules for Super 21 are different and very specific. If an American (USA) player has not played this gambling game yet, we encourage them to play the free version before they play for real money. We offer no deposit bonus codes such as GrandParker Casino; Use 10APD for Your Ten Dollars Worth Of Free Casino Chips,

What Are The Rules Of Super Fun 21?

Super Fun 21 is played with one, two or six decks of cards, the casino dealer hits on a soft seventeen, which is different in regular blackjack. Unlike playing regular blackjack, The American (USA) player has the opportunity to double down after a split, which can present them more opportunities.
Have you ever heard of a player re-splitting when playing blackjack? In Super Fun 21 you will have the opportunity to re=split up to four hand which includes aces. In addition you may hit and double down to slit your aces. Traditional blackjack does not allow players to double down on any number of cards, however Super Fun 21 does give the gambling game player the opportunity,

In conclusion, Super Fun 21 is a very cool variation of traditional blackjack. There are more rules and we will provide graphs for you to look at. American Poker Directory also will include a free version of traditional blackjack for you to play before you sign up and play for real money.

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