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Daniel_Negreanu Pro Poker Player

Canadian Native, Professional Poker Player, Daniel Negreanu is best known for as the highest earning live tournament player of all time.Mr. Negreanu has very high aspirations from his early life; the online poker review sites say that he wanted to be rich since he was four years old.

Mr. Negreanu in a 2009 interview told his that he would build a house out of Popsicle ices and move to California. In the mid 1970’s, the Negreanu family emigrated from communist Romania, and wanted to begin a new life in the United States.

Daniel Negreanu Moves Out Of The United States of America

The Negreanu ended up moving to Toronto, where Constantin worked as an electrician and sold confectionery. Mr. Negreanu has an older brother who is five years his senior. It is said in the online poker forums that Mr. Negreanu had a bad attitude and broke school rules and was expelled.

At the age of fifteen, Mr. Negreanu learned how to play poker and rapidly escalated to hustling people at pool halls and becoming a strategic gambler. The online poker review sites state that Mr. Negreanu dropped out of high school and began to frequent illegal poker games in the City of Toronto in Canada.

Daniel Negreanu in his early 20’s

When Mr. Negreanu was twenty-two years old he had a solid bankroll and moved to Las Vegas Nevada with the dream to become a professional poker player. It is said that “Sin City” had gotten the better of him and he moved back home to Toronto with the intent to rebuild his bankroll.

Mr. Negreanu has many career highlights, which include countless wins of big poker tournaments, and is now a member of Team Poker Stars Pro. Mr. Negreanu like to travel around the world and play in poker tournaments in opulent land based destinations and likes to play poker online as well.

Watch Daniel Negreanu Play Texas Holdem Poker For Real Money

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