Poker Player Biographies

Chris Moorman Biography

Chris Moorman Biography

Chris Moorman is a professional poker player who was born in 1985 in Brighton, England. Mr. Moorman is best known for his impeccable online poker playing skills. He is ranked… more

victoria coren professional poker player

Victoria Coren Biography

Victoria Coren is more than a professional poker player; she is an author, and presenter. She is a writer for The Observer and The Guardian Newspapers and hosts two television… more

Ben Lamb poker

Ben Lamb Biography

In 1985, the upcoming professional poker player Ben Lamb was born. Mr. Lamb was born in the United States of America in 2011 is the current leader in the World… more

Vanessa Selbst

Vanessa Selbst Biography

Straight on of Brooklyn New York Comes Vanessa Selbst. Mrs. Selbst is a professional poker player who currently is a member of Team PokerStars Pro. She was born in 1984… more

David Willams WSOP

David Williams Biography

In June 1980 in Arlington, Texas, Professional poker player David Anthony Williams was born. Mr. Williams started playing with Magic at a young age much like many other professional poker… more

Shaun Deeb Poker Player Biography

Shaun Deeb Biography

Born In Troy New York in 1986, Shaun Frank Deeb is a high stakes professional poker player. To friends and other poker players he is known as tedsfishfry. When Mr…. more

Todd_Brunson online professional poker player

Todd Brunson Biography

Todd Bruson is an online and offline professional poker player who grew up in El Paso Texas. Todd was born in 1969 and although his father Doyle Brunson is a… more

Antonio_Esfandiari Ultimate Poker Online Player

Antonio Esfandiari Biography

Amir Esfandiari better known as Antonio Esfandiari is a famous American Poker Player. Mr. Esfandiari and his family are from Iran, when he was nine years old his family moved… more

Phil Ivey Playing Poker Online

Phil Ivey Biography

Phil Ivey is one of the best professional poker players, debatably of all time. Some online poker review sites call his the “Tiger Woods of Poker”. His has accomplished a… more

Eric Froehlich Biography online poker players

Eric Froehlich Biography

Professional poker player Eric Froehlich was born in 1984 in New Jersey and his nickname is Efro. He is a skilled, educated, and young poker player with a bright future…. more

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