2014 WSOP News

The Dealer’s Choice event is the newest event in this World Series of Poker Tour. It comprises of sixteen games where players can buy in for fifteen hundred dollars. ESPN reported that four hundred nineteen poker players competed in this event but Rob Mizrachi won the event. According to ESPN Mizrachi stated that the WSOP bracelet means a lot to him and he feels that it is very prestigious.

Aaron Schaff played in The Dealer’s Choice event and did well but perhaps did not make his calculations correct when he continued to pick pot-limit Omaha, where Rob Mizrachi won his first WSOP bracelet. Mizrachi seemed happy about Schaff’s decisions when he spoke with ESPN, he was happy that Schaff picked pot-limit Omaha while Mizrachi continued to pick triple draw games. This goes to show how import it is to know and understand your opponent in any game of poker, especially for high stakes. Rob Mizrachi clearly knew Aaron Schaff’s strengths and weaknesses better than his opponent and capitalized on that.

2014 WSOP Event 18

Throughout The 2014 World Series of Poker, many poker players have continued their legacy winning more bracelets and putting their footprint in The World Series of Poker history book. George Danzer is an impeccable poker player that came into The 2014 World Series of Poker without having won a bracelet. Event eighteen changed this for Mr. Danzer plus added three cash prizes to his bankroll. It is common amongst WSOP fans to understand that just because a player in leading in the beginning of the tournament does not mean that he or she will be victorious. George Danzer is a German Professional poker player and won the ten thousand dollar buy-in seven-card stud high-low eight-or-better event. This enabled Danzer to win his second WSOP bracelet and claim his ten thousand dollar prize.

Danzer is known to practice his poker game online and offline. He is a very strategic player, whose passion and determination showed greatly as he took the lead early. Many poker fans didn’t know if Danzer was going to be able to continue playing stellar poker but he defied the odds and won his second WSOP bracelet. Seven Card Stud is not the most popular game in The World Series of Poker; there were only one hundred thirty four players that entered the event. The final table consisted of Jeffrey Lisandro, John Monnette Hastings, David Singer, and Calvin Anderson.

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