World Series Of Poker (WSOP) 2013 News

Event eleven was a twenty five hundred dollar buy in no limit Texas Holdem Poker Tournament. Levi Berger came out as the victor. Mr. Berger came into this game with the chip lead and with very little sleep. He played Scott Clemens and was victorious.

Who is Professional Poker Player Levi Berger?

Many People do not know Levi Berger; he goes on to telling how he first began to play poker at the age of fourteen. When he was eighteen years old he started to play at one of his friends home games and he got more serious.

Does Levi Berger Have A Lot Of Experience Playing Poker Online?

Prior to Black Friday Levi Berger played online poker and improved his skill a great deal. When he was interviewed on poker news he said that After Black Friday he went to find a job outside of the poker world but we gather he did not like it much. He came back to tournament Poker.

World Series of Poker Event 14

Jonathan Taylor is the victor in event fourteen. The game was fifteen hundred dollar no limit Texas Holdem which enabled him to received a World Series of Poker Bracelet. Jonathan has a good momentum going as he won the last poker tournament that he played in.

Jonathan Taylor Speaks About Winning The World Series Of Poker Tournament

In an interview with Poker News Jonathan Taylor says that the final table started off slow and it was card dead and spot dead. For those that do not know when he refers to spot dead he is referring to when a poker player is not playing well.

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