Using The Cold Four Bet When Playing Texas Holdem Poker


Using The Cold Four Bet To Win When Playing Real Cash Money Texas Holdem Poker

When my wife and I play real cash money poker with friends or online, we usually stick with Texas Holdem Poker. There is something that we find really exciting about it that gives us both a rush that other online casino games for real money do not.

Playing with friends is very different than playing poker online, we love the social environment playing poker with friends however we love the privacy of playing poker online for real money. The reason I say real money is because we do not like to play free games, they do not give us the rush that we like.

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We often look for pokersites that gives tips such as Victoria Coren’s blog however we do peruse the web and look for more resources. We have been reading about the cold four bet, which is said to be one of the strongest Preflop lines that a player can make in Texas Holdem.

What is the Texas Holdem Poker Cold Flop?

My wife and I have been trying to implement the cold four bet in our game, sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. However we are constantly tiring to improve our Texas Holdem Poker game. The cold four bet’s purpose seems to be to get your opponent to become cognizant you or your hand, which will cause them to fold. The challenge of the cold four bet is that it is a expensive Texas Holdem technique. As the name says, it is a four-bet move, which can cost a lot of money to pull off correctly. My wife and I have been reading about “The What”. “The Why”. “The Where”, and “The When”.

The cold four bet means that you bet without having begun to put money into the pot. For instance, The Texas Holdem Poker player who is under-the-gun decides to raise. This cuts off 3 bets and you cold 4-bet from the button.

Why Would We Use the cold four bet when playing Texas Holdem Poker for real money in an online tournament or in person?

The reason many poker experts say it is good to use is because a player is coming into the pot cold, which means they do not have any money invested yet. When someone you are playing against implements this technique it is indicative of a strong hand, which causes people to fold and loose their real money.

Where would I use the Texas Hold Poker Cold-Four-Bet When playing for real money in an online tournament or in person?

My wife and I have tried the technique out playing in an online tournament as well and it has worked for us, however it we feel it is more effective in person. We have found that the Cold Four Bet is best done prior to the flop when you are in position. The reason is you will need a raise and a re-raise to implement this. Most people end up in a late position.
When should I use the Cold-Four-Bet Playing Texas Holdem Poker Online For Real Money?

As my wife and I like to say, show me the money! This is indicative of when a poker player should use the Cold Four Bet because it works in cash games. If someone is playing a free game they will not feel enough pain to make them fold. Also my I said before, my wife and I do not see a purpose in playing poker for free, we like to win real money and if we loose we want the poker rush.

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