Using The Cold Four Bet In More Detail For Texas Holdem Poker

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Using The Cold Four Bet In More Detail For Texas Holdem Poker

When you use the Col Four-Bet it is imperative that a player uses it the correct way. We went over in the article yesterday when to use the Cold Four-Bet, where to use it, and in what position to use it in. We are going to go over how to use the Cold Four-Bet in detail when playing real cash money Texas Holdem poker.

Paying Attention To Before I Use The Cold Four-Bet in Texas Holdem

One thing to make a note of is that when you are playing in low states poker games you most likely will not see many three or four bets. The stakes have to be high enough to be able to bet four times. One of the keys of this bluff is to make people who have good hands take notice. This can be helpful in more than one way. For instance you can bluff them and win the hand even if you have a worse hand. However you may be able to find some tells of players when they have good hands. This has proven to be very valuable to my wife and I.

The reason I say this is because when a poker player re-raises before the flop it is usually indicative of a hand consisting of pocket aces of Kings. However when you don not look at this in a myopic way, you can see how you will be able to implement this tool for value as well as a bluff.

In What Instances Should I look For To Use The Cold Four Bet When Playing Texas Holdem Poker?

There are some specific things a player is going to want to keep an eye out for. The player is going to be looking to find spots where it is favorably that the raiser and re-raiser are playing a wide range of hand and most probably fold. Having a keen eye is imperative prior to implementing this tool.

Someone playing Texas Holdem Poker is going to want to find out if their opponent is a loose of aggressive players and what specific position the player is in. In the middle of your game you need to become cognizant of how many hands your opponent is playing and if they are raising and re-raising more often rather than calling.

When Should I take action and Use The Cold Four-Bet Texas Holdem Poker Bluff?

When you notice a pattern of a player open raising and three betting more often than others you may want to take action. Keep in mind that most players will raise and re-raise when they are playing a wider range of hands and in a later position. When you notice that a player is in a late position it may be time to take action.

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