Texas Holdem Poker Tips – Cold Four-Betting for Value

Texas Holdem Poker Tips - Cold Four-Betting for Value

We have spoken about using the Cold Four Betting technique for bluffing in detail however as I mention in previous articles you can use this technique to provide value.

When you are playing a game of Texas Holdem and you want to implement the Cold Four Bet for value here is how to do so. You begin to look at the exact opposite conditions as you were looking for when bluffing.

The purpose of using The Cold Four Bet for Value is re raising your opponent, only when you thing you have the best poker hand. For instance if you playing a game and you think that you are holding the best hand you want to use the Cold Four Bet against the Texas Holdem Players that will call you with their worst hand.

Prior to doing this you must know your opponent, whether playing Texas Holdem online of offline. Many Texas Holdem Poker Experts say that passive calling stations are the best players to target. The reason is they will seldom fold and your Cold Four Betting will prove to be lucrative.

It is important to remember that as each card unfolds things can change drastically. You may think you have everyone beat however one card can seal the deal for your opponent. Most Texas Holdem Poker experts do not recommend Cold Four Betting pocket jacks with a raise and a re-raise when using this technique for value.

It is always a nice thing when you notice that a rookie poker player is at your table and is trying to use one of these tactics against you. This is when you can make a nice profit. However when you use the Cold Four Bluff, you don’t want people to notice your technique, which means you, should keep things balanced.

Expert Texas Holdem Poker players suggest that you mix in Cold Four Betting bluffs and value so your opponent will not pick up on why you are using the Cold For Bet. It is one this to see your opponent using a technique however it is another thing to know why he is doing it. Be careful and do not let you opponents know your intentions.

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